Slide We know how demanding and busy life can be and the kids these days have a busier schedule than some adults! This is where Naybe comes in! Need us? 073 504 6829 Hey Mom and Dad! STOP & CATCH YOUR BREATH. WE'VE GOT YOU!


Provided for your children and care givers.


Party planners and entertainment.

Au Pair & Tutor Placement

Au pair placements, baby sitting, tutors and meals provided.


Gift buying, daily essentials and personal errands.


We are a Kids Concierge service whose main aim is to help make your life easier. Need some help dropping off your child? We’ve got you. Need a gift but no time to make it to the store. We’ve got you. Too tired to make supper? We’ve got you. Child sick and can’t take off from work? We’ve got you. Need some “Me time”? Relax…we’ve got you too.

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